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Whether your are after an elegant, unique or stylish cake, The Little Gourmet Food Company can make the perfect cake for your birthday, wedding or any other special celebration... maybe just a dessert cake for your dinner party.

The Little Gourmet Food Company's selection includes mud cakes, cheesecakes, tarts and general selection cakes along with a variety of gluten free cakes.
Our cakes are 11" round but  other sizes maybe available depending upon which cake you are after. Please contact for prices.
**Please note due to our cakes being made fresh to order, orders must be placed 72 hours prior, to guarantee your order.

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Cake Selection

Please note these cakes are only suggestions and if you are after something else, do not hesitate to contact us... 

Ph: (03) 5821 8200

  1. Boysenberry Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
    Boysenberry Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
    So smooth and creamy with a touch of raspberry and boysenberry swirl topped with white chocolate shards. *Gluten Free
  2. Caramelised Pear & Date Cake
    Caramelised Pear & Date Cake
    An old favourite, simple yet extremely tasty. Best served warm.
  3. Chocolate Mud Cake
    Chocolate Mud Cake
    Moist chocolate cake is covered in chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate tulips and curls.
  4. Flourless Lemon & Orange Cake      *Dairy Free & Gluten Free
    Flourless Lemon & Orange Cake
    Very moist cake combining the flavours of lemon and orange drizzled with orange syrup and decorated with rings of candied orange. *Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  5. Lemon Lime Tart
    Lemon Lime Tart
    Our lemon and lime tart offers just enough tang which is offset with a light dusting of icing sugar and scattered with candied lemon zest.
  6. Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart with Macadamia Praline
    Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart with Macadamia Praline
    Our house made pastry cake filled with a layer of salted caramel then topped with chocolate ganache. Scattered with crunchy macadamia praline.
  7. Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
    Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
    Layers of chocolate sponge filled with white and dark chocolate mousse layers. Covered in chocolate butter icing and topped with chocolate curls.
  8. Zesty Lemon Cheesecake
    Zesty Lemon Cheesecake
    Creamy smooth lemon cheesecake topped with candied lemon.
  9. Rustic Pear, Muscat & Raspberry Crumble Cake
    Rustic Pear, Muscat & Raspberry Crumble Cake
    Moist pear and raspberry cake topped with a crunchy almond raspberry crumble. Best served warm with ice cream or double cream.
  10. Orange Chocolate Layered Jaffa Cake
    Orange Chocolate Layered Jaffa Cake
    A layer of flourless orange cake, chocolate ganache and flourless chocolate cake cake covered in orange butter icing drizzled with chocolate ganache and topped with orange flowerets. *Gluten Free